Leigh Haslett & Lisa Knight-Davies have been part of the Abergavenny martial arts scene since they met at a kickboxing class in 2007, grading together throughout their kickboxing journeys and currently hold their 2nd Dan black belts.

They are both owners of Verve Kickboxing Abergavenny & Verve Martial Arts Centre Abergavenny and had a vision of creating a martial arts centre that can offer anyone a journey into martial arts in a comfortable and professional environment.

Verve Abergavenny Martial Arts Centre was then born.

Opened on 30th August 2014 by the Mayor & Mayoress of Abergavenny, the centre offers a diverse range of classes from Kickboxing, Taekwondo, MMA, Jujutsu, Goshinkwai TotalBodyDefence, Astro’s Junior Martial Arts & Women’s & Girls only classes.